grew up in a family who loved music and art.
Since his early years,
he has had a strong vision of the future
he would like to help create,
fusing art and beauty together.

As a hair stylist, he’s inspired by each client’s attitude, charm and
feminity and always incorporates these aspects into the
individual style he creates for his clients.

As a Artist, he express his passion with Painting, Photograph, Video and more.
He also organize Photo shoot project, Art exhibit and salon event.

Hair Stylist/Colorist in Japan 5 years, in US 11 years.
Store Manager of “Hiroshi Beverly Hills Hair Design“.
Long Beach International Salon and Spa Expo Educator for Hands-on Hair Cut.
Haircut/Hair Design Instructor
Hair Education System Developer.
Photo Shoot/Art Event Director


Hikari or Joewell Website

I do Stencil Paint
& I use
Many Different Color of Spray Cans
and do onto canvas.

Layer and More Layer go onto canvas,
It turn to be…
1024mix4.jpg Blick Art Supplie Store Web Site

I also organize Art Gallery Show.



I have been using Glasses from “Kio Yamato” Model KP 042 for while. Very Comfortable.


I wear hat a lot. I have hat and cap collection about a 20 to 30.
This is new one which I wear these days.


106.jpg Wesc Web Site

Wesc Headphone ad
Most of the time, I wear clothes from “WeSC”. Simple but little bit cutting edge!! From Sweden.


105.jpg Apple Web site

I do graphic Design, Flyer Design, Logo, News Letter Design, etc…
Mac Book & Mac mini is my tool to create Everything.
Small but powerful and beautiful.


3 Responses to “About Taka”

  1. Alex Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Greg May Says:

    Hi Taka. My name is Greg May.I have a salon in Toronto, Canada called GREG MAY HAIR ARCHITECTS. I have been doing hair for around 16 years. I originally trained at Vidal Sassoon here in Toronto. I have worked with several product companies including Aveda, Sebastian and quite extensively with Paul Mitchell. While doing platform work for Paul Mitchell, I met a gentleman by the name of Takashi Kitamura. I noticed we shared many of the same cutting techniques such as no thumb cutting and stroke cutting. I was surfing the web in search of new ideas and techniques and I stumbled upon your site as well as Hiroshi Salon, and Mogi. Everything I see about you guys makes a lot of sense to me and would love to know more in regards of sharing knowledge. Do you offer courses? I was reading your bio, and, even though there are differences between us there are many similarities as well ie. how we grew up etc. I have a question also in regards to the scissors you said you liked.The Joewells. Do you find they are very good for stroke cutting technique?How about slicing and slide cutting? I have a pair of 5 inch NICS. I find them too small for some of the freestyle techniques I do and am thinking of getting a pair of black cobalt 5.5 inch Joewells. either that or Matsuzaki. Not sure. But since you use the Joewells, and I believe we have similar cutting styles; I would love any feedback you could provide. I would also like some information on classes,not just for me, but also perhaps some of my junior stylists. I really enjoy reading your site,and you can tell Miki that I thoroughly enjoyed her youtube stroke cutting techniques. You can check out my web page(however it is old and needs to be updated.) gregmayhair.com Thanks for the great site. Talk to you soon. Greg.

  3. hello,

    Thank you for the great quality of your blog, each time i come here, i’m amazed.

    black hattitude.

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