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February 4, 2011

Beverly Hills Hair Stylist / Artist Taka just opened Official web site.
Please click here to Official page.

You can check his latest information, Hair styles and Techniques such as Bang styles, Low Light, High Light, Color and more.

Thank you so much for visiting my site. TAKA


Low Lighting Hair is the Technique that
to Make Some Hair Darker to gives contrast with other Hair color.

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Idea 1 : Who has been done many High-Light and Hair turned look like a
One Single Color. Add some Low-Light to give a contrast with Light Hair.
blond hairBeforeblonde-hair1LL After

Idea 2: Person who got hair almost All Gray,
Add some Dark Color to get a contrast. Still Natural Look.
03color Before04color After

Idea3: Use Low-Light as Accent for Hair
I add Blue Black Stripe on only Right side of Head.

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